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I went to a poetry reading last night

No shock there. For over a decade I've been going to various poetry readings. Sometimes I read; usually I sit and listen. It started out as something to do on a Sunday night that was better than channel surfing. I became an introduction to something I never knew could be so varied.

Back to last night. This is a new reading in the town where I live at a fairly new coffee shop. I've been in the shop before a couple of times. It's part of a condo building that was built in an old factory. It has all the aspects you'd expect with exposed brick & pipes, bits of old equipment dangling from the ceiling, etc. There was a decent audience, especially for a first night.

I read a couple of pieces. I liked the vibe. The coffee was good, as was the carrot cake. I think I'll be back.
At the Grand Canyon

Catching up

I've been away for the last week or so. And by away I mean living in a hotel room ~30 miles east of home in Cambridge. I attended the National Poetry Slam as a spectator. And enjoyed some downtime. And mostly just lazied around doing whatever the heck I wanted. Collapse )

Tomorrow I return to work. I expect that it will be an interesting day.
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Date conflicts

I am frustrated by organizations that plan a big events on the same day that another big event is happening. Especially when this new event is hoping to get some of the same audience that the other event is certain to draw.

Come on people, do some research before committing to a date.

Just venting into the ether. Don't mind me.
At the Grand Canyon

A shot into the dark that is LJ

I'm posting this here since there are fewer people looking at LJ these days and thus I won't be inundated with responses. :-)

How much would you be willing to pay for a album/track download of poetry? How much is too much? How much is so little that you would think it was useless?
At the Grand Canyon

Rehabbing an old structure

I grew up in a small town in central Massachusetts named Berlin. Diagonally across the street from my parent's house was an old church. It is across from the town library. All of this is in the center of town, though not on the "common". The church was always closed up when I was a child. In the 70s the exterior was painted; I remember it being quite wonderful to look at. My refreshed memory tells me it was used as a storage facility for a local auction house. Here is a picture of it from 2009.

I can remember in my early young adulthood thinking the building would make a create something. A coffee house, a book store, heck, maybe even a church. I knew that I didn't have means to do anything with it but I hoped someday someone would.

My mom told me a couple of weeks ago that the building was being rehabbed. I'm really quite happy that it is being saved and given a new life. There was a write-up in an area paper that has a bunch of info on the building and the history I never knew. You can read the article at here.

The group rehabbing the structure also has a website. The blog on the site has some great pictures of the work in progress.
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Nice job

The company I work for is privately held. Today (well yesterday I guess) the company founder, donated the majority of his stock in the company to his alma mater, MIT. You can read some of the details here. I'm very happy for MIT and don't see it affecting my job in any way.
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vu ja de

An e-mail showed up in my mailbox this morning that was sent on February 9th. It refers to someone canceling for an event that took place on April 10th. This was especially odd as I remember a third party telling me about the cancellation somewhere back in late February so I knew that they weren't going to show up on April 10th and couldn't quite understand why they were telling me on April 15th that they wouldn't be coming on April 10th.

I have no idea where the message has been hiding for the last 9 weeks. While I understand, in concept, how an e-mail could be delayed that long I have never experienced such a delay before. I'm paranoid enough about e-mail already. When I send an e-mail and it isn't responded too within a day I wonder if it was received. I worry it was lost in transit. That I didn't put enough e-postage on it or offer the right sacrifice (Jolt & pop-rocks is my usual offering). For its near-ubiquitous nature e-mail seems to be built upon a wish & a prayer so often.

I have more e-mail addresses than phone numbers for people. There are a dozen people I see semi-regularly who I only have e-mail addresses for. I think I need to fix that.
At the Grand Canyon

My journey east

Last night I drove to Cambridge to have dinner with badgary and then catch Raphael Luckom at the Cantab. It was a fun night.

For dinner Gary and I went to Bosphorous in Inman Square. The restaurant has been open for at least 6 months however there only signage is a large format paper sign in the front window. The dining space has interesting architectural elements. The seating was OK though the fixed to the floor tables made for a tight squeeze for me.

It being Boston Restaurant Week we enjoyed selections from the specially priced menu. To start I had borek, sort of a savory turnover with ground meat as a filling. For the main course I enjoyed Ishkendar Kebab, which is sliced lamb & beef with a tomato & garlic sauce. I capped the meal with sutlac, a baked rice pudding heavy with cinnamon. Add a beer with dinner and a tiny cup of Turkish coffee after to make it a meal.

We arrived at the Cantab just as the open mic was starting. There was good poetry, mediocre poetry, no real bad poetry that I recall. I found a spot to stand next to the bar so I chatted with Adam a bit. Saw a few folks I knew by name. Nodded to a lot of folks I know on sight but have no idea who they are. Met two guys who came to the reading for the first time that night and seemed to have a good time.

I have heard a lot of poets over the years and to be honest there aren't many of them that I would travel to Cambridge to hear. I go to a weekly reading in Worcester; I generally let the poets come to me. When I read that Raphael was going to be the feature I decided I wanted to hear him again. He's one of those poets whose deliberate choice & placement of words catches you off guard. He gave an excellent reading of his work. He received a well deserved standing ovation. I'm glad I made the journey east.
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Weird analytics

Today Netflix showed the following:

What I find striking is not that it recommended this video. I think I probably would enjoy it and I'll probably watch it at some point. What I find weird is that it made the recommendation based on Billy Elliot, The West Wing and Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog. Only one of those has any bearing on the video recommendation that I can see.