rwgill (rwgill) wrote,

The squeeky wheel gets the cheese (or something like that).

A bit over a week ago I wrote about the failure of our Roomba vacuum. While I thought the tale would end there it did not. Shortly after posting the entry about my customer support experience I found a follow-up email from customer support. It indicated that it appeared that the connection had been lost during our call. Being in an annoyed mood I fired back an e-mail indicating that the call hadn't dropped, I hung up after expressing my dissatisfaction. I mentioned that I felt the request to call customer support was purely so they could try to sell me a replacement. I sent it off and was prepared to let it go.

I apparently wrote the right key words to trigger a response. The next day there was a message on our home answering machine waiting for me indicating that iRobot wanted to replace my Roomba, free of charge, as a courtesy. It wouldn't come with a battery however it's easy enough to swap them.

The replacement Roomba arrived yesterday and it works like a champ. Our floors will once again be cleaned by electronic means. Hurray for a bit of whining.

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