rwgill (rwgill) wrote,

Live music - something old and something new

ted_badger and I went to Somerville last night to hear Aimee Mann perform. Ted is a big fan and I came to know her solo work from him. badgary and Ted's former roommate Joe joined us. Aimee covered a lot of her old work, dipped back to Til Tuesday with Voices Carry and shared a few new pieces from an album that should come out this summer. We all seemed to have a good time.

The opening act was Ivan & Alyosha. They played a mix of folk-pop-rock that I enjoyed quite a bit. There's something about the harmonies that the 4 members of the group achieve that I found really attractive. In particular the song Glorify has stuck with me and I've found myself humming snippets of the melody to myself today at work. As luck would have it that song is one of five that are available to listen to on their website. Check it out if you have a chance.

We'll not talk about the drive home from Somerville last night.

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