March 22nd, 2012

At the Grand Canyon

On the diary lock and modern worries

I still checking LJ on a fairly regular basis. I enjoy the longer format which allows for more verbiage than what folks ate for lunch or their current video crush. I just don't seem to have much to say myself of late.

For a day or two recently there has been an Internet upheaval over some employers asking for Facebook passwords during the hiring process. While my gut reaction is that I would want to say no to such a request there could be a situation where it made sense. So allow me to digress and provide a reason why I wouldn't care if I had to fork over the password for my Facebook, or any other electronic account.

It is my considered opinion that one shouldn't share something, in any format, that you wouldn't want to come back and bite you in the tookus. Nothing is private if someone cares enough about gaining access.

Long ago, well before my introduction the Internet, I learned to keep my personal info close to me. Maybe it was because I became adept at the pronoun game when I was a teenager. Perhaps it was a fascination with cloak-and-dagger fantasy novels. For whatever reason I came up with a basic premise that if there was something I wasn't comfortable with the world knowing I probably shouldn't speak it out loud. As technology advanced that mindset followed.

I've worked in IT for my entire adult life and was lucky to have Internet access back in 1987 when the Internet didn't have the world wide web as an interface. Even back then there were stories about people who were fired for posting something inappropriate on a mailing list or just being caught in the wrong e-place at the wrong e-time.

Today there are so many more outlets to express ourselves. Some people are comfortable putting it all out there. Others seem to think that a clever enough privacy setting will keep someone from looking at their dirty laundry. That didn't work with the flimsy locks on diaries and it doesn't work today. If you don't want your deepest thoughts and dirtiest secrets (not to mention your late night debauchery, with pictures) running on the hottest blog and in old school newsprint then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't write it down in the first place.